OPUS Signature



Thank you for choosing OPUS Signature Preamplifier from SONICCRAFT.
The following references from SONICCRAFT feature the most advanced technology as well as musical fidelity.

Our new OPUS Signature Preamplifier is made with:

  • Class A operation from MOSFET Solid State system

  • Full-Balanced discrete circuitry with the high current mode amplification

  • High Resolution digital control volume called OPC271k (Opto-Conductive Volume Control)
    with the authenticated patent producing richer sound with no distortion

To obtain the best performance, a careful attention should be given to its placement, installation, and operation. A thorough understanding of such details will help insure the satisfactory operation and an extended life along with other related system components.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us or your authorized dealer for further assistance. Should your OPUS Signature Preamplifier require any service at all, you will be pleased to know that it is supported by a comprehensive customer satisfaction policy, which presents one of the most advanced service facilities in the industry.

Thanks again and we hope you enjoy the music as the absolute finest piece of art.


OPUS Signature Preamplifier provides basic input selection and volume control operation from the front panel. The remote control includes the additional preamplifier functions as well as the brightness in its Display controls.

FRONT PANEL of OPUS Signature Preamplifier consists of three parts – Display and two Knobs:

  • Left Knob controls Power – On/Off by pressing the Knob

  • Left Knob selects each Input Source by turning clock/counterclockwise S1 - S5

  • Left Number of the Display indicates the Input Source

  • Right Number of the Display indicates Volume levels

  • Right Knob controls the Volume level by turning clock/counterclockwise 0 (min) - 127(max)

  • Right Knob controls muteness – On/Off by pressing the Knob


Opus Signature Preamplifier


Type : A Class Non-NFB Full Balanced Preamplifier
Inputs : S1, S2 - Balanced / XLR
S3, S4 - Unbalanced / Single-ended / RCA
S5 - Bypass / RCA
Outputs : 2 X Balanced / XLR, 1 x Unbalanced / RCA
Volume : Digital Controlled 127 step Soniccraft Smart Analog Volume
Gain : 8 dB
Input Sensitivity : 1V/1KHz
Input Impedance : 100KΩ
Output Impedance : 330Ω
Output Voltage : 2.8V/1KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio : 92dB
Frequency Response : 10 ~ 150KHz (-3 dB)
THD+N: THD + N@rated output(20 ~ 20KHz) < 0.05%
Power Requirements : 117V/60Hz
Power Consumption : 2W(Standby) ~ 20W(Operate)
Dimensions : 17.3"(W) x 16.1”(D) x 3"(H)
440mm(W) x 410mm(D) x 75mm(H)
foot/base height – 0.9” (24mm)
Net Weight : 19.8lb (9kg)
Gross Weight : 22Ib (10kg)

Remote Control


VOLUME (Attenuator) LEVEL/- Raises, - Lowers by Up/Down
MUTE (Volume Mute) press On/Off
Display (Brightness) LEVEL/- Raises, - Lowers by On


NOTE: Two batteries (AAA) should be replaced when OPUS Signature Preamplifier does not readily respond to remote commands.

1. Remove the five cross-head screws from the remote control’s back plate.
Remove the back plate to expose the battery storage compartment.
Insert batteries (refer to the polarity drawing while inserting batteries).
Replace the back plate and insert five cross-head screws.

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