OPUS Signature



Thank you for choosing OPUS Signature Power Amplifier from SONICCRAFT.
This reference model represents all the best items of SONICCRAFT, which includes the most advanced technologies and musical fidelity.

Our new OPUS Signature Power Amplifier is made of Class A operation with Bi-Polar Solid State system and Full-Balance discrete circuitry amplifier.

To obtain the best performance from your OPUS Signature Power Amplifier, a careful attention should be given to its placement, installation, and operation.
A thorough understanding of such details will help insure the satisfactory operation and an extended life for OPUS Signature Power Amplifier along with other related system components.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us or your authorized dealer for further assistance. Should your OPUS Signature Power-Amplifier require any service at all, you will be pleased to know that it is supported by a comprehensive customer satisfaction policy, which presents one of the most advanced service facilities in the industry.

Thanks again and we hope you enjoy the music as the absolute finest piece of art.


CAUTION: When making connections to this or any other component, make sure all components are turned OFF.

Front Panel:

  • Digital power switch On/Off

  • Two LED signal lights turn on simultaneously with the initial switch on; and the lower LED turns off approximately 5 seconds followed by the tick sound, which signifies that the amplifier is functioning normally with the upper LED light. If there occurs an error, both LED lights will turn off to signify the system is automatically shutting down to protect other related circuits.

Back Panel is monaural structure:

  • Connect the left and right outputs of your source component – Pre-Amplifier to the input on OPUS Signature Power Amplifier. OPUS Signature Power Amplifier is equipped with both balanced inputs (XLR) and unbalanced inputs (RCA), which enables to connect the source from Pre-Amplifier. There is Toggle Switch that enables the selection either XLR or RCA.

  • Connect the speaker posts+/- from OPUS Signature Power Amplifier to your Speaker inputs properly (+ for +/- for -).
    Warning: Minus (-) post of power amplifier is not “ground common”; hence it should not connect with any other ground posts.
  • Chassis Ground Switch:
    This switch enables/disables to connect to chassis ground that is controlled by the electricity conditions. This switch is designed to effectively eliminate any hum noises or static caused by different ground and electricity conditions. You may select either side by checking various impositions.

    To protect any unexpected failure of Opus Signature Power Amplifier, we strongly suggest that you make a habit of appropriate operation with the following order:

    Power On : Any Sources -> Pre-Amplifier -> Power Amplifier
    Power Off : Power Amplifier -> Pre-Amplifier -> Any Sources


Opus Signature Mono/Stero Preamplifier


Rated Power Output : 300W/600W (8 Ohm/4 Ohm)
Frequency Response : 5Hz ~ 100 KHz (-3dB)
THD : 0.005 %
Signal-to-Noise ratio : 110dB
Input Sensitivity : RCA - 3.6Vpp
XLR - 2Vpp (XLR: 1-Gnd, 2-Hot, 3-Cold)
Operation Class : Pure A Class 25W
Full Balanced DC non-NFB AB Class
Power Consumption :
- Min/Idle
- Max

180 Watt
1100 Watt
Mains Voltage : 117V/50~60Hz
Weight : 35Kg, 77.2lb
Dimension : 440 x 520 x 160 (mm), 17.3 X 20.5 X 63 (inch)

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